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Credit Fraud

Over the years, perpetrators have successfully reverse engineered the credit decision process in order to manipulate the resources used by credit professionals. Corporate identity theft, bust-out, bankruptcy, and shell company fraud are among the schemes used by these sophisticated criminals. Unfortunately, on the surface these companies conceived with the purpose of committing fraud against companies like yours are often indistinguishable from legitimate ones. The resulting crimes cost U.S. companies billions of dollars annually, and it is not uncommon for companies to experience fraud rates of 15-25% of overall bad debt. As the sophistication of fraud continues to grow, companies that rely on traditional credit processes are incredibly and increasingly vulnerable.

Verifraud Solutions

Verifraud, a recognized industry leader in credit fraud risk management, acts as your virtual fraud prevention department. Our proven solutions combine innovative technology, industry-leading tools and unparalleled expertise to dramatically reduce fraud losses for our clients. Existing Internet technology and trends in the financial value chain have worked in favor of the perpetrators in the past; now, armed with Verifraud solutions, you have the advantage.

Verifraud Outsourcing

Verifraud can screen your new account applications for credit fraud using our proven tools and expertise. By operating in a multi-client environment, we have unique access to transaction velocity and trend information that is highly predictive of fraud. Finally, by eliminating redundant investigative efforts across our client base, we can operate at higher levels of cost efficiency. The bottom line is that our industry-leading solutions have saved companies millions of dollars while allowing them to focus on what they do best.
Stop Credit Fraud
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Verifraud has a knack; they dig beneath the surface and look at the true nature of a company before problems become apparent. They have become a valued business partner and have proven themselves to be an asset in our credit screening process --SED International, Inc.