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About Us

Verifraud was founded by Gary Bares, a nationally recognized leader in credit fraud risk modeling. Verifraud solutions provide unparalleled protection against credit fraud. We will work with you to determine the nature and extent of your fraud risk exposure while quickly designing company-specific solutions. Our areas of expertise range from business credit fraud to e-commerce credit card fraud. We offer outsourcing, consulting, and training solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Verifraud was founded by industry leading consultants whose efforts have saved millions of dollars for U.S. Companies. Our solutions are designed to operate seamlessly with your credit approval process and to enhance the existing competencies of your business.

Verifraud is intensely committed to delivering solutions of exceptional quality. Maximizing customer return on investment (ROI) is our guiding principle.

Verifraud consultants thoroughly understand the credit decision process and approach fraud risk management within the context of broader organizational objectives.

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Verifraud has a knack; they dig beneath the surface and look at the true nature of a company before problems become apparent. They have become a valued business partner and have proven themselves to be an asset in our credit screening process --SED International, Inc.
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